The Benefits of Reading
I used to be a very avid reader when I was younger and novels were my thing until I grew older and ooh la la, there was social media so out went the books. Reading is actually underrated: there are a number of benefits of reading but it’s usually easy to ignore when there’s the internet and social media and all other things that don’t involve you picking up a book. So although it might seem old-fashioned to talk about the benefits of reading because really, how many people still read books? I’m sill going to prove that reading has benefits that we choose to ignore. Here are my top five:

1. Better vocabulary: Remember I said I used to be an avid reader? Because of this, my vocabulary improved immensely. I had to learn the habit of checking out words that I didn’t recognize from the dictionary although it took me a while to learn it: breaking
away from a good book was so hard honestly. I didn’t even know that it was reading that made me able to speak all my grammar until I started noticing that my vocabulary began to deteriorate. Words that I used to know escaped me and I began to wonder if there was something wrong with my head until I realized that I had stopped reading books so of course, where was I supposed to learn new
grammar? So although you might not realize that your grammar is better, it actually is because you’re learning.
2. Exercises your brain: Does the brain need exercise? You might wonder. Well, yes. Just like the body needs exercise, so does the brain. When you don’t take care of yourself and you don’t exercise, you become fat and lazy; same thing goes for the brain. If you
don’t actively try to exercise your brain time and time again, you’ll begin to forget things you’ve learnt and slowly become dimmer and dimmer. Why? Your brain’s lazy: no exercise. I’m not even asking you to start doing some hard math, just read a book; that’s
3. Increases your knowledge: The more you read, the more you know and it is said that knowledge is power so why not? Although some books might be works of fiction, there are still a number of books that aren’t and you could learn a number of things from
them. Even the ones that are fictional, I’ve learnt from. Maybe not in terms of locations (they make those ones up usually, heh) but in mannerisms and food and culture, you get the drift. Nobody likes a smart ass but you can stylishly flaunt your knowledge
sometimes (you didn’t hear it from me, lol).
4. Entertainment: I know I’ve been talking about learning a lot and learning isn’t fun for everyone but books are entertaining. They’re actually a very fun way to learn especially if you have a very good imagination. When I read, I usually can picture everything that’s
happening as I read; it’s almost like I can see it and I’m there real time. This probably doesn’t happen to everyone but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like they’re in a movie when they read a book. So yes, movies and TV shows and TV series might be
entertaining but books are an old-fashioned way of entertainment; they’re old but gold.
5. Boosts your creativity: Reading actually boosts creativity because going back to the point above, if you can picture yourself as part of the scene in a book, you can be able to picture yourself doing a couple other things and actually get ideas. Recently, I asked a
friend who I personally consider extremely creative how she gets her creative bursts and her reply was that she reads. This particular friend of mine reads everything from pop culture blogs to books; she just loves to read and this in turn helps her to be creative.
Since she told me that, I’ve actually been trying as much as possible to read practically everything I see because I also want to be full of creativity. Who wouldn’t really? There are actually way more benefits of reading but these are my top five. It can be really
hard to just pick up a book to read but you could try with a sentence a day and then you can boost it to a paragraph, a page, two pages, a chapter and before you know it, you’re reading an entire book per day. Although, I talked about reading books a lot, reading isn’t specific to books; you can read anything you like. You can read newspapers, magazines, poems, blogs, online novels, anything. Just read. Because in the long run, it’s really for your benefit. Let’s regain the reading culture again together!

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