Why i deceided to stay off social media

I Found myself on my bed googling ‘how to temporarily delete my Instagram account’ it took a lot of nerve to do this, I clicked on the final link there I was without an Instagram account went to WhatsApp uninstalled it, deleted my Snapchat account and every other social media account I operated, I had a new sim in my hand slipped it into my phone and

kept the previous sim in my purse, what had gotten into me? I kept on wondering “People handle pain differently”  I decided to keep off and keep to myself gradually I enjoyed my own company and will hardly come out of my room (No doubts I was losing it) Not necessarily because I stayed off but because I was going through a lot at that point. Staying off was a very personal decision and a way of isolating my self *I wasn’t depressed* but I was over thinking, I had so much questions that I didn’t have answers to, so much thoughts running through my head.    It was definitely a hard time for me but I was able to pick my self up “Slowly but surely” I had to gather my self and thoughts together and slowly started becoming myself again, It was a gradual process. No one really just decides to stay off and away for no valid reason at all.

Dear friends there was no reason in particular other than me needing personal space and time to get my self together, I am definitely not who I used to be at the beginning of 2019 the heck right? YAY am back now and back for good with all my accounts running, you would probably hear from me soon.


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