Success has friends failure dosen’t

This statement i have tried to comprehend almost everyday of my two decades on earth and the realness in it, we live in a world where no one waits for anyone it is a moving train no one wants anyone to draw them back or keep them on a particular spot. the bitter truth is success is attractive yes it attracts lots of people to you both the good bad and ugly but i want you to take note of something what is failure to you? some people define success and failure according to their present and physical ordeals ( weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning) i know someone is wondering why i would use that statement okay you failed today you were laughed at mocked probably stoned at yes you are sad, life is not that attractive at that moment but you know why you think you are a failure because you bother to think about

what people would say or think about you. it does not matter what anyone thinks the definition of failure or success is its the definition of it to you that matters in life, there are times and seasons you failed at one season of your life maybe you did not get picked for the interview,you did not get the promotion you wanted, you did not get the admission, you keep getting reject offers one way or the other, everyone around you has left you and you suddenly feel you are on the same spot all these too shall pass!

Do you know what is not attractive is when you give up. Dead is the worlds definition of failure and who wants to be around you because they think they are moving forward and you are on the same spot until you become a dead man that is the only qualification for giving up. Do away with that statement and peoples perception about you because your season to shall come, your time shall come.

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