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Today i will be  talking about shopping apps because I have been frustrated a lot lately way . My friends birthday coming up, I asked for a list of things he might and my eyes caught on slides. I was like Slides? This should be a breeze. Right now, that’s a thought I want to go back to correct because boy, was I really wrong. Slides are one of the hardest things to buy especially if you’re looking for an original one which I am of course. And so my search began and I went through two fruitless new accounts and I’m still searching. Just so everyone knows, Nike doesn’t deliver to Nigeria and the same thing goes for Adidas. It sucks but it is what it is. I just want to talk about the apps that actually give you foreign things that might or might not be fake ( I really should start learning how to tell the difference before they sell me rubbish). I’m going to be comparing the shopping apps in relation to my slides search and also generally.
1.  Asos: Honestly, this app is gold. It’s my favorite shopping app. When I first opened it, I was calculating the exchange rate in dollars until I realized it was in pounds. This might make it sound expensive but honestly, there are some really nice things on Asos. Most importantly, they ship to Nigeria but there’s a clause to this shipping: you must buy products above 20 pounds to get it. Unless you’ll pay 20 pounds for shipping and that sucks so remember, 20 pounds and above to get the free shipping.
Actually, they had slides ranging from Nike and Adidas to Lactose and even Calvin Klein though I don’t think the Calvin Klein are durable. I know I said it’s gold, I still stand by it but the only somewhat bad thing is they have a limited stock of branded products like the ones I mentioned above. Oh well, you can’t have it all.
2.  Amazon: Almost everyone knows Amazon cos it’s a popular shopping app but have you actually tried to shop on Amazon? Amazon has a lot of stuff, way more than asos, branded and unbranded and yes, they deliver to Nigeria. But have you seen how much it is for shipping? The shopping price is usually always higher than the price of the product you’re even going to buy. Immediately I noticed this, after willing it to change and it didn’t, I ran far far away because I simply can’t die. For the slides, they had the actual one I wanted to buy originally that started all this trouble but like I said, the shipping estimate can kill a man. So if you have a whole lot of money and you went to get a variety of things, you can try Amazon. At least you won’t have to worry
about the products being fake.
3. Ali-express: Ali-express is a really good shopping app to be very honest. I’ve used it to order four things and none have disappointed me so far. I know a lot of people are wary of them because they’re Chinese and pretty much all of us characterize Chinese to fake things but if you choose well, like I did, I don’t think you’d encounter any problems. I even got a nose hair trimmer from them and it’s something I’ve been looking for endlessly in Nigeria that I didn’t find. So Ali-express works and of course delivers to Nigeria. For the slides, I didn’t even bother to check because it’s Chinese. I’m not trying to contradict my statement actually but I just wasn’t sure they’d have the original and all. One major turnoff about them is the length of time it takes the products to get to Nigeria. It’s like a month to two months but it always feels like ages. If patience isn’t one of your strongest virtues, don’t. Just don’t.
4. Nigerian online shopping apps: When I say online shopping apps, I mean like Konga and Jumia. They have okay enough variety and they’re relatively affordable. Of course, they’re deliver to Nigeria because they’re Nigerian and for some products, you get free delivery so it can be super sexy.
For the slides, I couldn’t use them because I wasn’t sure if they’d be original because there’s no way I can ensure the credibility of the buyer which is actually a big negative for them. Someone even told me when I was still considering it You don’t buy clothing items from Jumia. They disappoint so I decided to respect myself. If you can ensure it somehow, please go for it. So these are the online shopping apps that you can actually get some good stuff from in and to Nigeria. My search for slides continue though. Enjoy!

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