Friends with benefits

friends with benefits

Hi everyone. So friends with benefits eh? What do you think about it? friends with benefits is actually a somewhat controversial topic because people get confused on whether it’s a good idea or a bad one. What is friends with benefits? Friends with benefits is pretty direct; it’s two friends deciding to add sexual benefits to their friendship relationship. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of having a friends with benefits relationship.
1. Intimacy whenever you want it: When I say intimacy, I’m not talking about I love you so much, I want to know you to the depths of your soul. I’m talking about getting what you want sexually when you want it. For example, if you need to make out with your partner, you can pretty much just call them up and they’d be down. It’s really that easy.
2. Freedom: In a friends with benefits relationship, you’re free! You’re not attached to anyone relationship wise or anything wise and you don’t owe your partner; you guys are just friends who chose to get involved so no jealousy and no excess emotions. So if you
decide to have another friends with benefits relationship or actually start an actual relationship, you’re free to because you’re single.
3. Friendship and sexual satisfaction: This is two for the price of one. You have both friendship and sexual satisfaction in one relationship. Sweet eh? You can call up your friend to perform friendship duties and you can also call them up to perform sexual
duties and depending on how both  define the relationship, you can be both friend and not friend at the same time.

1. Catching feelings: This frankly is the biggest problem with friends with benefits relationship: someone usually catches feelings. I’m not saying everyone does but a good majority of people in these types of relationship usually just fall after some time. So yeah, this type of relationship might not be great when you begin to catch feelings but with or without feelings, your partner still owes you nothing.
2. It ruins the friendship: There usually comes a time where a friends with benefits relationship will become about the sex. This sucks but it actually really happens and when you’re trying to be a friend to your friend, they’re just thinking about sex and
totally ignoring you. This then turns from a friends with benefits relationship to a purely sexual relationship and hurts the friendship; it could even completely destroy it.
3. Illusion of comfort: It’s super easy to get comfortable in a friends with benefits relationship. You think Oh I have a friend in this person and we have great sexual energy. I don’t need anyone else’ but this thought is deceptive. So very deceptive. If
you’ve had this thought recently, don’t listen to it. If you remember, I said that your partner owed you nothing so you really have no right to feel this comfort.

Looking at the pros and cons, it might be a little hard to decide if being in a friends with benefits relationship is a good choice or not. I have tried to be as equal as possible in telling you the pros and cons of being in a friends with benefits relationship.


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