Date ideas

So dates, eh? We’ve all gone on dates one time or the other be it male or female. Some have been great, some have been terrible while some are what you never what to think about. So let’s talk about old as gold ideas you can always use, male or female cos I believe in

females taking males on dates too as well.

  • The cinema: I feel personally this is one of the best idea for dates; in fact, it’s a classic. You can hardly go wrong with the movies really. You just have to make sure you pick a good movie that you and your partner are comfortable with. This should be a first choice for everyone that desires bonding time, it can stir up something interesting for the future.

    •  A restaurant: .Does not have to be fancy but should be special. You could take your partner to a restaurant and treat them to a lovely lunch or dinner. You can also take your partner to a restaurant after watching a movie and I feel like this is the best combo. There’s nothing like eating stomach filling good after watching a great movie but you don’t have to if you don’t have the funds for it. If you have a little or a lot extra money though, it’s a really good bet for a date.
  • A fun house: This is more like an amusement park, a game center, a recreation center sort of fun house. Deciding what type of fun house to take your partner on a date to depends on their likes really. Most guys would prefer game center where they can play loads of games, most ladies should prefer recreation centers . Some people feel like amusement parks are childish but I don’t feel the same way because I love them. Even if it’s childish, it’ll be nice to feel like a child again in this not so easy adult life, won’t it?

Three classic date ideas right there, you’re welcome. I promise you, you can’t go wrong with them because they’re really quite simple and they’re prefect be it the guy taking a lady out or vice versa. Also, they’re great for any level of relationship be it a first date ever or an actual relationship  or even married couples because they should take out time from the kids to have alone time and just remember what made them fall in love from the beginning. So don’t think too much, Mind it first dates should not be indoors or in a hidden place please don’t scare your date away, Personally if you ask me i would say to a restaurant because i like food! whats yours? tell me all about it in the comment section.

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