A letter to the EX

Dear Ex, To my most recent ex…………………………… I thought loosing you was going to be the worst thing that will ever happen to me but it was one of the best because asides the pain and the tears I found my self, I learnt how to Love myself. Perfection is far from me and I am truly sorry I wasn’t the perfect person you wanted ( I guess I was human). Deleting our pictures together,blocking you off completely from my life so I could save my mental health and my sanity (because best believe I was

loosing it) How did a relationship of two months hurt me so bad? How did the talks of marriage get to my head  How did I put so much effort to make this work? How did I loose myself, self worth and value trying to chase love? I can only but think . I tell my girls that I have no regrets and meeting you was for a reason . 

And to all the moments, time, sleepless nights, visits, fun times, laughs, long calls I thank you for that they meant a whole lot.  Thoughts fills my head, lots of questions, How could he tell me he was married with a kid? How could he tell me his wife knew about me? How could he tell me he was married and with his wife barely a week after we broke up? Could it be the whole time he was cheating on me? And it was all deceit and lies? Was I that vulnerable? Did I look like a joke to him? 

The only mistake/ regret I have was not committing God into the relationship and I am grateful to God for pulling me out of it. I found my worth and self value in the circumstance, I met my sisters through the circumstance and I am super grateful.

For the time spent I am grateful best believe this is the last time I will talk or address this again (what is buried will remain forever buried) I hope you have the best of life and you fulfill Gods entire purpose for you, I was burnt but I learnt a valuable lesson and found myself. I have no hate for you, it’s all love cheers. 

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