A day at lekki conservation center (Canopy walk, gate fee, Animals, pictures)

lekki conservation center, lagos Nigeria

Lekki conservation center, Lagos Nigeria is a tourist site that has the longest canopy walk in Africa, established in 1990. It does not only have the canopy walk but also the wildlife, nature and park.                   lekki conservation center lagos Nigeria

It was a Friday a muslim public holiday (Sallah) my friend and i decided to visit the place it was a cloudy day and

rain had fell the night before.

On getting there the tour guide told us we would have to wait till the woods were dry for our own safety. Adults pay a fee of 3000 naira(public holiday and festivals price) while children pay 2000 naira.lekki conservation centre

The tortoise,peacocks and monkeys went into hiding because of the wet environment.  The tour guide told us  it was a whole lot cheaper if we did not use the canopy walk that is 1,500 for adults.   After waiting for about an hour i decided to ask for a refund the worker assigned someone to us personally.lekki conservation center

As we made our way through the woods the swamp beneath us has snakes inside of it. Going forward the monkeys came out and would run away as we approach, we finally got to the canopy climbing and it looked scary first step on it my heart began racing, The thoughts of falling clouded my mind couple with the fact that it started drizzling. The higher we got was more terrifying and uncomfortable i got.lekki conservation center i started looking down i was scared to my bones at every rest point as we got higher i used it to catch some breath.

Note there were 7 points and the 7th was the highest at that point we could see the rooftops around the vicinity. Descending was not as scary as ascending was, as we were on our way down the monkeys began to come out. we then decided to stay at the park different kind of foods were sold, coconut drinks and many other snacks, there was a swimming pool there, life chess board and many other fun activities.

By the time we came out few of the animals were out tortoise,peacock,chameleons etc.

it was indeed an exciting experience, i look forward to doing it some other time hopefully it wont be scary.

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