True friend

When you have had everything going well for you and its all rosy of course everyone is there to celebrate with you but what happens when everything isn’t rosy anymore? what happens when the grass isn’t so green on the other side? sometimes when things are going all well and flashy we forget to notice some of the red flags or shortcomings of the people around us, but one question to ask is who is really there for you when

things are not the same anymore? i will take my time to explain what a true friend is based on experience term not the dictionary definition.

A true friend is someone that is PRESENT when i say present i mean being there for you good times and bad times, one that has your back no matter what one that you are 100% with and that person does not judge you no matter you short comings along the way.

I know someone reading this is wondering is so certain they are a true friend to a friend, before you go about picking how others are not being true friends to you seat for a moment and ask yourself am i a true friend? can my friends confide in me when they are at their lowest points? what is your response do you ignore what they say or pay not regard at all do you go out of your way to make them feel better or do you go around telling other people of the predicaments of what someone just told you? I ask again are you a true friend? (ponder on this before reading forward).

Now if you have passed the questions asked previously then you have every right to keep reading if you have not i think you already know what to do. A true friend is selfless, kind,loving a true friend does not judge you or make you feel any less, a true friend does not change the way they relate to you or start judging you due to the sin/offense you have committed , a true friend is one you can wake up in the middle of the night to call with tears running down your eyes and they would not mind staying up the rest of the night with you.

Are you a true friend? at the end of the day we are all humans full of imperfections and faults and hopes not to be judged by all the people around us. No one is perfect but are you a friend that ticks majority of the friendship box? do unto others what you want others to do unto you, True friendship never lies. Sucidial rate is fast increasing pick up the phone and give someone a call




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