Travel Essentials: Four Things to Always Take on Trips.

Traveling is something most or even all of us will do at least once in our lifetime.  Today, I’m going to talk about four
things you should always take on your trips no matter where you’re going. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Toothbrush: Never, I repeat never underestimate the toothbrush. This is one thing you
    shouldn’t forget when traveling because you honestly do not know where you’re going to
    find yourself. Plus stinky breath is always a huge turn off. You might think that they’re
    readily available but there are just some situations where the brush for the teeth shall be
    nowhere to be found and you’ll probably have to chew gum or suck on sweets for the rest
    of the day. I’ve been there so I know, heh.


  •  Other toiletries in general: I should have added toothbrush to these toiletries but I’m
    trying to emphasize to you guys how important a toothbrush is while traveling.
    Generally, hotels have soaps in their bathrooms but you hardly ever see toothbrushes if
    you even do at all. Can you see my point now? Take toiletries like soap, toothpaste, body
    cream, body spray or perfume etcetera; however it suits you really.


  •  An extra pair of underwear and clothes: Whenever we were travelling as kids, my mum
    always told us to take an extra pair of underwear and clothes in case of necessity. Most
    times, we ended up not using them so we felt it was a waste of space and just extra load
    to be lugging about but now, it’s been helpful a couple times so I think it’s really solid
    advice. I really advise it because sometimes we end up spending more days than we
    should when we travel so at least having one extra pair of clothes can do a whole lot.


  •  Bathroom slippers: I promise you this is very essential. When most people are packing
    their stuff, they just take the shoes they believe they’ll wear but a lot of people forget
    bathroom slippers. This is especially necessary if you’re someone who doesn’t like
    walking around barefoot. These slippers might not be readily available depending on
    where you’re staying so it’s better safe than wailing about how cold the floor is.
    These four things are actually very essential and if you forget four of them, your trip might not
    end up as sexy as you would have planned. I didn’t mention clothes, shoes nor accessories
    because you’re traveling; what else would you carry in the first place? When next you’re
    travelling, make sure you don’t forget any of the items on this list and you’ll be great. Bon voyage.

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