Things i learnt from 2019
  • Love and trust God he is the only one that genuinely loves and cares about you he is the only one, he is the only one that can genuinely help you without expecting anything in return, he is the only one that can help you out of that situation no body can only God can do that.
  • Draw your family close, after God family should come next in the order, family genuinely wants happiness for you draw your family close, give your mum dad or guardian a call right now.
  • Friendship should not be one sided check yourself who does the most in this friendship when its your turn are they always all out for you or are you the only one going out of your way for them?  Assignment for once stop checking up on them first let them do the checking up and see if they will actually do it. i realized that i had a friend that i was all out for, i would check up on her always be at her place when its time to go anywhere i would always be at her room ready and waiting, it continued on and on till i realized it had only been me putting in all the efforts, i had a certain setback in my life and until i left that particular place she hardly showed up not even to check up on me she came once that was because she was accompanied by another friend of course i was broken but i picked myself back up and realized how one sided the friendship was and decided to cut contacts completely what is the point right?
  • Learn to save, save up some cash do not spend all at once else you are planning to be broke (always save up for rainy days)
  • Beware of people that are not happy for you
  • Health, health is a very vital aspect of our lives on earth learn how to eat healthy enjoy your vegetables drink alot of water.
  • mind your business.
  • Always be happy for people.
  • Never look down on anyone.
  • Be kind.
  • Always be of good cheers.
  • Suicide is never an option.
  • Learn to enjoy the moment.
  • Always plan.

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