Tales of Nigerian scammers/fraudsters

Am sure one way or the other we have had experiences with scammers either online or on ground lol, but today lets talk about the on ground scammers  the physical ones; the ones who walk up to you probably with some type of jazz and try to scam you of your hard earned money? Well, I have. It was terrible and now that I think about it, a bit embarrassing but I’m going to tell you the story.

This was last year: beginning of the year, January; I was going somewhere and I was already very late. As I got to the bus stop and was waiting for a bus, a guy standing close-by asked me for a particular street. I knew it wasn’t around that area but I wasn’t totally sure. As I was trying to explain that there was no street like that around there, this guy started explaining to me that he was a foreigner and some people were trying to cheat him. He said he brought some goods from his country, some people agreed to keep it for him but he felt like they were going to cheat him. He asked me to help him but I was reluctant. Some other guy who was beside me told me to help him since the guy is a foreigner and needed help; he continued telling me that we should help him and that we could even get some money from him. Almost at the same time, the other guy was begging me to please help so I decided to. I was so naive.

On the way to where the storage guys were, the so-called foreigner was pleading to not let the other guy cheat him in broken English since he was supposed to be a foreigner while the other guy was still insisting that we cheat him. I already resolved that I wasn’t going to since I have a good heart but it didn’t really matter in this case. We got there and then a whole cock and bull story started; if I begin to tell you all the details, this tale is going to be pretty long. The most important details to tell: they brought one paper thing and wrapped it up, when they opened it, it was money. See jazz. Then, one man came and said he was a man of God and all of us that touched the money (cos we did) had swallowed poison and we would die until we brought money or jewelry to cleanse the poison. There was even this part where they made my saliva that was on my palm to move to the back to my hand. The whole setup was really crazy. They told me to go withdraw all my money, I didn’t, they took my phone and never gave me back. I still wanted to go back but the bike guy I took said I shouldn’t because whatever the scammers took from me, they’ll never give me back. That’s how my phone went into the wind.

After this happened to me, a lot of people opened up and told me about their stories so I’ll do a compilation of Nigerian scammers starter pack.

  1. Most of the time, they ask you for a street or a place that’s not in that area. Once you hear this, just move away quick or raise your voice. They don’t like attention of any sort before angry people who have been scammed before lynch them.


  1. They work in groups: I found out they’re usually in twos or threes: they’d have already planned the story beforehand and act a well laid out drama for their unfortunate victim. Plus it’s not just men, women are also involved in this scam work.


  1. Sympathetic stories: They could give you some really crazy story just like how mine told me he was a foreigner with goods who was about to be cheated. They’d use it to get your sympathy and to play on your goodness. I think it’s really sad that they’d use people’s kindness like that but it is what it is.


  1. Fear: After you’ve been roped in, they instill fear within you by telling you you’ll die. This particular step is very common: you must surely die if you don’t answer them. A lot of people are scared of death so it’s very excellent in trapping people. Some people end up going home and packing their parents’ jewelry and money for weeks on end, depending on how much fear they’ve instilled in you. It’s really terrible. They sometimes rape females they trap; I was super blessed I wasn’t really.

Hey, i did like to hear your story too share yours in the comment section.

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