Relationship problems

I believe dating is one thing to do because you love the person, but its a two way thing it has to be reciprocated, you may truly be in love with the person and you begin to notice some strange acts or probably change in attitude or not as much affection as before these are referred to as red flags things to watch out for in your relationship. if you see these signs i guess its time to leave

  • When they cant show you off to their friends.
  • when you are the only one putting all the efforts.
  • When he is always asking for money( you are probably his ATM).
  • when he is always pressuring you for sex.
  • when he is in control of you.
  • when he has a truck load of female friends.
  • when he doesn’t see a future with you.
  • when he is hitting you.
  • when your values don’t align together.
  • when he is always comparing you with his ex.

Here they are if you sense these you know what to do.

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