Relationship goals

Relationship goals
Hi everyone. I think everyone or almost everyone has goals in life and of course, relationship goals should be one of them. Sometimes I see some relationships and I wonder why these people even bothered to start a relationship together if they were so incompatible and then I see some relationships that make me go  Still, I can’t judge because most times, everything is not what it seems. lets see what relationship goals should be like:
1. An actual loving

relationship: It’s a relationship, it’s supposed to already be love filled but you might be wrong about that. People use the word a lot without knowing what it means. Love isn’t just about having some certain feelings for someone; it’s about all the other things that come with it. When you love someone, you’re patient with them, you’re committed to them and you respect them. If you can’t do these 3 things in attachment to your love, do you really love this person you’re with? Think about it.

2. A supportive relationship: This relationship I just got in taught me the importance of a supportive relationship, trust me, it’s beautiful. Both partners have to support the other’s dreams, encourage them when they’re down and generally be there for the
other person. There’s a big difference between a partner that supports and a partner that doesn’t and sometimes you have to experience this to understand how huge a difference it is. Trust me people, key relationship goal.

3. A friend-relationship: You know that thing where people say 'You have to date your best friend I know, I know; it’s so overused, it’s cliche but I won’t lie, it’s true. Your partner has to be your way friend or if not, very close to being your best friend. If you can’t tell your partner how you feel about anything and everything, I don’t think that’s someone you want to get into a relationship with, especially if it’s long term. I personally made sure that before I started this new relationship, I could talk to him about a lot of things. Because really, if you’re not talking like a friend to your partner, what do you guys even talk about?

4. COMMUNICATION: This particular goal is in capitals because I’m trying to emphasize how important this one actually is. It actually leads directly from goal number 3. Talking about anything and everything is communication. If you don’t like something, say it. If
you don’t like something, say it. If you’re upset, say it. If you’re excited, say it. Just say it. Reminds me of Nike Just do it.
You can tell a lot about a person simply by talking to them and observing them actually and of course, this is how trust is built. What’s a relationship without trust anyway? If you have to invalidate your feelings at any point or your partner is invalidating your
feelings, you definitely don’t need to be with that person; throw them in the trash. You really can’t be talking about how you feel and someone will be trying to amend you feel. bad about your own feelings for whatever reasons, I don’t care. Tell them to get out.
Ignore my rantings please, simply put: If communication isn’t the goal, you need to go.

5. A budding sexual relationship: No now, I’m not forcing sex on anyone. This goal is completely optional depending on the kind of relationship you’re in. If you’re in a relationship without sex, that’s fine, you only need to build your intimacy till when you’re ready to actually consummate the relationship. If you’re in a relationship with sex, you have to be compatible sexually. This compatibility simply means that you both understand what you want from each other when it comes to sex and you both understand. Somehow, if you think about it, this still goes right back to communication. See how communication is key in everything?
I could go on and on and talk about various other relationship goals but I think I just covered the basics; everything else false under these five major goals. I’m no relationship expert but if you’re about to start a relationship and you’re not really sure about your partner, this could be a sort of guideline for you and if you’re in a relationship and you don’t recognize a good number
of the goals, maybe it’s time for a rethink. I hope I’ve impacted something sensible onto
everyone today, heh. Enjoy!

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