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You might wonder why I’m talking about job interview tips. Bloggers can also be workers too so I’m going to drop the best tips for job interviews, be it for students, or for a first job interview. I’m not an expert on them but I’ve been to a couple of interviews so I’m feeling like an expert.
So here are the tips I have for you today:

1. Research: The first thing I’m going to say is research, research, research. I don’t think there’s even any need going for a job interview if you’ve done any kind of research on them. You basically have to find out what the company or organization does, their motto,
what they stand for, their values, everything really. This is actually very necessary, guys because you can’t even answer the questions appropriately or even ask any questions if you wanted to.
2. Take a copy of your CV or portfolio: Depending on the job and your field, you should actually take a copy of your portfolio or CV to y’know, impress your prospective employers. Even if you don’t have a portfolio (I know I don’t have one, lol), just take a
copy of your CV to the interview so you’ll look serious in a way. Besides, it helps to fill up your bag or briefcase so it doesn’t seem empty.
3. Be prepared: When I say 'Be prepared I mean you should be prepared for questions they might ask you. No interview might be the same, I know but there are some particular questions that you just have to be prepared for. An example of a question that reoccurs a lot is What do you have to offer the organisation/company So something like that, you have to really be prepared for.
4. Take a notepad and a pen: I know this is like being too efficient but sometimes it’s necessary to be efficient. You don’t necessarily have to take the notepad but that pen is actually very necessary but if you want to be extra like me, you’re free to take the
notepad. Just don’t forget the pen. You might need to jot down something and of course you need a notepad and a pen for that. It’d be nice to whip out your note pad and pen all prepared looking like the person for the job.
5. Dress the part: If you’re going for a job interview, please dress the part. More often than not, the dress code is smart or formal or at least smart casual. I’ve seen people wear jeans to job interviews and I just wonder what exactly is going on this world. You can’t wear
jeans to a job interview for a corporate position and expect to make a very excellent first impression on your prospective employer.
So there you have it: five job interview tips from yours truly. They’re actually very basic and quite simple and they should be like common sense but then, like some say Common sense
isn’t quite common. So enjoy!

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