How to get clean skin


Ever been craving clear and clean skin that looks like glass? then stay with me till the end of this post. How well do you know and understand your skin? Firstly i cant lay emphasis on this enough do not

bleach your skin or whiten your skin or try to go from dark skinned to light skinned.  Effects of this don’t just show up immediately believe me you will get all the white skin you want as fast as under 5 days.  When you fasten things up with injection and pills though costly but upon maintenance and consistency would last you longer, when stopped the effect might leave you begging for your former skin, however you could brighten up your skin and keep the glow popping.

Lets go,

  • Exfoliate:  Remover of old dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin, exfoliation is key to clear and healthy skin. If you are in Nigeria you can exfoliate with products and some natural products like Brown sugar, honey and essential oils. Mild exfoliation can be done everyday and Major ones every week depending on what works best for you.


  • Face steaming:  Your face needs to be steamed, steaming works by opening up your pores it is important and should be done as often as every 2 weeks, like i always say it all depends on what works for you.


  • Try out natural products: Tired of bleaching products? Didn’t give you the desired results you want? how about explore with natural products (i get your skin is delicate and you cant afford to explore) good thing is natural products are very safe on the skin. NOTE: Know what your skin accepts or rejects because some sensitive skin reacts to citrus fruits on the face so know what works for you and use it.


  • Try out organic products:  Maybe you are like me that has tried out natural products and it just seems not to give you the results you expected then you can go for organic products, know your skin well enough to know what it wants.


  • Drink lots of water: Water has so many benefits and one of it is clear skin, water gives your skin a radiant look and keeps it glowing, Drinking water and lemon first thing in the morning would keep your skin popping .

  • Do not use the same soap/sponge/towel you use on your body for your face:  Everyone that desires clear skin should have a face wash and a different towel used on their face which should be washed as often as every week. Using the same thing you use for you body just transfers bacteria to your face mind it your face is sensitive, Konjac sponges should be used on your face.


  • Exercise: Do you know that exercising is great for clear skin, it is best for increased circulation, dilates pores and the sweat removes trapped dirt’s on your face, however i have seen post work out breakouts this is caused by either make up on your face, using your hands to touch your face and not cleansing your face after exercising.


With this tips i wish you a clear skin journey, Share your clear skin journey with me in the comment section.

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