Five love Languages

Hi everyone. So recently, I discovered there are actually things called the five love languages. Apparently these languages are ways in which partners in a relationship show their feelings. It was made popular by this guy named Gary Chapman when he wrote the book ;The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate in 1995.

I actually found out about it when someone really close to me suggested I take the test (if you want to take this test, you can just Google 5 love languages test) and I was surprised at what my top 3 love languages were but funny enough, the test was actually very accurate. So, lemme tell you what they are:

1. Receiving gifts: At first when I saw this, I was just thinking Wont it make me seem like a good digger?  but apparently that’s not it at all. Some people just take gifts as acts of love from their partners and according to Gary Chapman, people who like receiving gifts as acts of love usually give gifts as well. This theory of his doesn’t only work for the receiving gifts love language but for all of them: a person who values a particular love language usually shows the same love language. So if you’re someone who really likes giving and receiving gifts, this is probably one of your topmost love languages.

2. Quality time: If you’re someone who likes to spend time with your partner, this is your love language. You’re probably someone who likes going out with their partners: movies, events, clubs, anything really. You’d probably like things that can be considered a couple
activity where you can bond with your partner. This is a language that ranked really high in my test because I enjoy spending quality time because if I’m not spending time with you, what am I even doing with you tbh?

3. Words of affirmation: This love language is for those people who like to be reassured. Trust me everyone loves to be Re-assured, You’d probably like to hear things like I love you, I value you, I want you in my life those sorta things. Just hearing these words of affirmation reassure you that the love is real. If this is your love language, not hearing these things might make you feel like your partner doesn’t value you as much because if they did, they’d say it, right? I once had someone in my life that asked me almost everyday we met if i loved him (exhausting right?) and pretty much annoying, if this is your love language try not to ask for Re-assurance all the time it can make the other party feel like you don’t trust them enough and believe me questions like that makes people fall outta love.

4. Acts of service: The acts of service love language is for those people who like being helped and who value people that help. You want to hear things like Let me help you with that or your partner actually doing things that ease your burden in whichever way. You want your partner to help you with things to show that they care and want to help you with things you need to do. Simply because if you really love me, you’d want to help me out, yes? This actually ranked high on my test probably because I’m lazy and I really enjoy people doing things for me.

5. Physical touch: This is for the PDA- (public display of affection) lovers, I feel. You want pecks, kisses, hugs, holding hands, sex to show how much you love a person. It’d just mean a lot to you if you’re out with your partner and they decided to just hold your hand out of the blue. Little touches while with your partner means a lot to you. This is a case of If you really love me, you
should definitely want to touch me a lot.

Looking at these 5 love languages, I’m sure at some point you probably exclaimed and was like Yes, that’s totally me. Love languages differ from person to person and you may have one or more love languages, depending on the person. It’s actually really important to find out what your partner’s love language is because it makes it easier to understand your partner and how to treat them. I also personally feel that it’d make a relationship last longer and be stronger because understanding ones partner is really essential. I hope this helps but if you want to find out whats the top of your love language?

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