Effects of lock down (life in general)

Covid19 has to be the most life changing experience that has ever happened since inception. An outbreak of an infectious disease that broke out from a market that has become so fatal especially on older people and people that appear to be vulnerable, i mean the whole word was at a halt! Who would have thought something this eventful would affect our everyday lives in general raging from schools shut down , companies, restaurants, cinemas,gyms etc. Due to these effects life as a whole has changed, although gradually everything is coming back to normal but would not change the fact that an illness and pandemic changed the dynamic of the entire world.

Well this whole effect gave if not all some kind of realization about how dynamic life is and how everything could change in a spilt second, we cant deny the fact that lots of people lost their lives during this period and that is very saddening but in all where there is life there is hope and really we should all be grateful.

Effects of lockdown due to Covid 19The dynamics of life changed completely and it revealed that a lot of things can be done from the comfort of our homes, the realization that some jobs could be done from home even schools (classes are being taken from home now) which was already ongoing by only a quarter of the world, but right now every developed country had to jump on the bandwagon.

At this point the effect of this pandemic caused some to loose jobs (not by choice ) most organizations had to let go of their staffs due to the impact of the economy, but in all we have to be grateful because where there is life there is hope.

I hope the pandemic did not really affect you, and i wish you all the best as life gradually eases back into normal.

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