Effects of lock down (life in general)

Covid19 has to be the most life changing experience that has ever happened since inception. An outbreak of an infectious disease that broke out from a market that has become so fatal especially on older people and people that appear to be vulnerable, i mean the whole word was at […]

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Beauty for ashes

You know when you have just being through so much and being at your breaking point? and all of a sudden Something/Someone steps in and makes you forget about everything you have ever been through? more like a higher power, getting rewarded after days months or years of distress? thats […]

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Things i learnt from 2019


Love and trust God he is the only one that genuinely loves and cares about you he is the only one, he is the only one that can genuinely help you without expecting anything in return, he is the only one that can help you out of that situation no […]

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True friend

When you have had everything going well for you and its all rosy of course everyone is there to celebrate with you but what happens when everything isn’t rosy anymore? what happens when the grass isn’t so green on the other side? sometimes when things are going all well and […]

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10 places to go during summer

All pocket friendly places, Summer is a period of the year when everyone wants to go on vacations with family and friends, and its so troubling when you are confused on where to go because of your budget and all other factors, i have drafted out 10 different places to […]

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