4 Essentials to have in your bag

There are quite a number of things to have in your bag some very essential, am going to talk about four essential things to have in your bag. By the way, when I say bag, I mean both male and female bags. Normally, this would have been a post directed at just females but it shouldn’t be: equal stuff in equal bags. So let’s get on with it, shall we?        A pen: This particular item might seem unnecessary but it really is necessary when going out. More often than not, we’re in situations where we need pens but most usually don’t have. For example, when you go to the bank and you forget to take your pen, it can be somewhat embarrassing to go around asking for pens because everyone is using their pens actually. So pens are actually quite handy when going around. So put a pen in your bag when you’re going out, it really helps.

  •  Identification: Identification is actually very underrated, it is essential to have some form of identification always in your purse or bag ie (passport, pvc, drivers licence, some other legal form of identification) For me personally, I try to take a form of identification with me because I’ve gone to places where they ask me for identification unexpectedly. Recently, I went to Covenant University and before I entered the gate, they actually asked for a form of identification. I was really surprised because why? It was really nice that I could just slide it out of my bag like a boss. So identification please, most especially if you’re driving.


  • Hand or body cream: This really should be in your bag/ purse without being told, sometimes we come in contact with water or dust outside of our comfort zones intentionally/ non intentionally and thats when the whole essence of this comes into place you dont want to walk around with your skin looking white.It is also great for moisturizing your skin outside which would improve the appearance of your skin. It is very necessary so you’ll continue looking radiant and sexy instead of looking like parched soil.


  • Tissue: I’ve been out a lot of times and I regret not taking tissue out of the house. I’ve also met guys who are like ‘Do you have tissue?’ and when I say no, they’ll be like ‘A lady is supposed to always have tissue in her bag yen yen yen’. I’m here to tell you guys that not only ladies should have tissue in their bags but guys should too because after all, what is good for the gander is good for the goose (I’m switching it to prove a point, heh). Apart from that, tissues are really helpful you might need it to clean something, to wipe your butt after using the toilet (because most public toilets don’t have tissues in my country), the list goes on really. So yes, everyone, lets get tissues so we won’t have issues.


That’s the end of the list of things that  are necessary to have in your bag both male or female. Incorporate it into your life and I bet you won’t regret it. Sometimes I forget one or two of the items, but I do my best and more often than not i need at least three of these items. Would you like to try it too? I think you should. Lets talk about it in the comment section.

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